By: Bill Rust
Tue, September 18th 2012

Changing the culture of a large organization is a significant challenge that requires leadership.  Lasting change starts on the individual level, with the leaders, before it can carry over into their teams and then permeate throughout the organization.  Any type of significant change, including personal transformation, starts with getting leverage – understanding why the change has to happen.  Applying that leverage, so that something can be moved f […]

By: Bill Rust
Mon, June 18th 2012

How can you increase profitable sales while developing your team's capability to sustain success?  The best sales leaders model the behavior they want adopted, set clear expectations and hold their team accountable. It makes sense to examine how to set expectations and measure the results at the same time.  Inspecting what you expect means not only double-checking to make sure that your expectations are clear, but also ensuring they help produce the resu […]

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