Everyone's in sales whether they admit it or not
By: Ed Gallagher
Thu, December 6th 2012

Are you in sales?You may know people in sales who hesitate to admit it.
They may use a title they think sounds better, for example "Business Development" or even one that is a different function of their business, such as "Marketing," in an attempt to camouflage what they really do.
When an Implementation Manager or Technical Support rep is asked by a customer about a solution their company offers, they may say, "I am not in sales" before they answer, as if to acknowledge that salespeople, even from their own company, are not to be trusted. Since they themselves are not in sales, they will tell the truth. The idea that salespeople would not be entirely honest in a similar situation sometimes goes unspoken, but the message is clear: salespeople will say anything to get a sale.
The best salespeople are master communicators. They ask good questions and listen. When it comes time for them to talk, they craft their message in a way that it is accepted by their audience.
Everybody sells something. Anyone who has a customer-facing role would do well to learn some fundamental sales skills.  People who do not work directly with external customers may benefit from adopting a mindset that they have internal customers and work with them to produce a win-win scenario in the same way that a salesperson strives to provide a solution that truly meets their customers' needs.
Think about the characteristics of a top performing salesperson in the B2B space.
Words such as "persistent," "ambitious," "passionate" and "curious" may come to mind.
Being a "good liar" or "deceitful" would not apply to the best salespeople. Those people may be drawn to sales attracted by the promise of riches and actually enjoy a small degree of short-term success, but they get weeded out eventually.
If you spend some time thinking through what it takes to be a successful salesperson, you could come up with a lot more adjectives -- "detail-oriented," "systematic," etc. -- and would see that the list is full of positive attributes.
It is clear that people with these types of qualities would be successful in any field.
Sales skills are business skills.
Sales skills are also life skills. But that is a topic for another day.

Sales skills are life skills