About Ninety Five 5

Are we the right fit for you? We may or may not be—let’s find out together.

Our seasoned team of sales and consulting professionals is our number one asset. Recognized sales visionaries founded Ninety Five 5 to give you a new way to develop and advance your sales team. By bringing together the best minds in the business, we created a sales system that changes the buyer and seller relationship, taking it beyond the transactional level and making it all about mutual benefit.

Before you make your choice, get to know the evolution of our system and the people that make it different.

Located globally, meeting you locally.

While a global marketplace opens up a world of opportunity, we believe it’s also important to maintain a “neighborhood” feel when it comes to interacting with clients. As an international network of sales and consulting professionals, Ninety Five 5 can customize your sales transformation experience to best fit your company’s unique needs. Our 36 employees and partners in over 15 countries give us a unique ability to bridge cultural gaps and navigate language challenges found with traditional or English-only sales improvement initiatives.

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