Sales Success System

It's time to shift the focus (and the investment) from sales training in the classroom to sales improvement in the field – where feedback can be applied in context and improvements made continuously. Success is not determined solely by the sales process used or the amount of training received, but rather the quality and quantity of time dedicated to practice. Training is important, but alone it is insufficient.

The Ninety Five 5 Sales Success System (S3) provides you with a comprehensive four-step program to simplify your sales approach, further develop your sales team members and drive sales success for your organization.

By blending live and virtual training events, coaching sessions with seasoned Sales Guides, easy-to-follow playbooks and access to 5 Online, our state-of-the-industry online sales community, we help you:

  • Win more often
  • Increase margins
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Raise performance levels across your sales force
  • Distinguish your company from the competition
  • Create a customer-focused sales culture
  • Turn sales managers into leaders and coaches
It all begins with you – the front-line sales leader. With your full commitment and readiness to lead the transformation, success is guaranteed.